Wednesday, 4 July 2018

It's fun to share, it's fun to share

She: "So you're not American? Where do you live?"
Me: "I'm in North London. I live and work here, but I've worked all over London at various points."
She: "Gotcha! When I visited London, my airbnb was in South London."
Me: "From what I hear, it's cheaper there. But, on a completely biased and unfair view... North London has hotter girls."

I wasn't expecting her to agree.

She: "Oh, I know; I kept going across the river to party!"
Me: "You did...?"
She: "I went to the Winter Wonderland thing and picked up so many birds. A Tower Bridge kiss was my finishing move!"

I was torn between questioning her use of the term "birds" and wondering how she knew it, considering how I don't think it's part of American English. But then again, there was one far more urgent question to be asked.

Me: "Sneaky girl! Did you get very far with any of them?"

Stop it, ILB.

She: "Two of them came back to my airbnb! And I had mindblowing British-accented double-dildo lickfests with them!"

Okay, sure, tell me more. 

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