Sunday, 3 June 2018

Warm glowing warming glow

Post-orgasm the other day, my sex princess described herself as "glowing".

Very accurate.

Were I a visual artist (and I'm not), I'd depict sexual pleasure as a light, warming glow around the areas that matter... in fact, sometimes I even do that during sex, if I'm in the flow and get lost in the moment. I like to imagine the glow as encircling the people involved, covering them in brightness and bearable heat. I even sometimes visualise the way it moves - tendrils of glow stretching, and then breaking, as I pull my fingers back out of her, or maybe engendering like spren when the first taps of pleasure begin to beat out.

It's almost impossible to visualise an orgasm (although GOTN ran a memorable competition once so people could have a go), but it's an important part of erotica writing - and cybersex, sexting, or directing porn, one supposes - to try to depict sex, at least a little accurately. You can do that with your imagination, and thus you can be a little more creative. So I imagine the glow.

I'm not sure what she meant by glowing. Maybe she was in some sort of transcendental state where that was all she could mention. Maybe it was just the heat she was experiencing. Maybe just a word (it's a very pretty word). Sweat beading on her skin, she was most certainly glistening in the light.

But I like the glow. And I like basking in it myself.

Sometimes I see people out and about practically surrounded by that halo. Maybe it's just me and my dirty mind... but I wonder, sometimes, how right I might be. If it's any indication, there are plenty of highly-sexed people in North London this summer.

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