Saturday, 30 June 2018


We are moving into a new flat on Monday. It doesn't have any furniture (except, scavenging as we have been from family and friends, we have more than enough); realising the relative urgency of the situation, yesterday my parents took us to IKEA in order to buy a bed.

I don't think I've ever actually owned a bed. All the things I've slept on have either technically belonged to my parents, or whichever letting agent I've been working with who has bought the cheapest, most uncomfortable bed alternative they can get and thrown it at me. The room we are moving out of currently actually has a bed frame, which is a novelty by this point. It's still not in the least comfortable, which is why we spent quite a while sitting/lying on the beds in IKEA to make sure they weren't going to snap my spine in two, or something.

One of the things I wanted to get was a bedhead with slats, because I liked the look and feel of such a thing... or so I said.

You see, I actually wanted something to grip with my hands, taking the strain and providing both balance and stamina for my top half, while my hips work rhythmically back and forth as she lies spread underneath me. I could, of course, grip something else, but what else is there?

Another of the things I wanted to get was a bed with a foot, because I liked the complete idea of a bed framed at both ends... or so I said.

You see, I actually wanted something to press against with my feet, shifting my entire body forwards and penetrating her deeper, that extra half an inch buried further inside her, feeling her warm and wet around the entire length of my shaft. I could, of course, press my feet off something else, but what else is there?

In the end, of course, we ended up buying a bed with neither of these things - one with a completely solid bedhead and nothing at the foot... but, at the very least, a more comfortable mattress.

It's time to start training my hips.

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Mrs Fever said...

We are on different continents, but if you lived anywhere near me, I could have outfitted you with just such a bed a few weeks ago. I used to have a Mission style bed, but gave mine away recently upon purchasing a new bedroom set. I was a bit bummed to give it up, honestly. I would much rather have given it to someone who had sexy plans for the header and footer. ;)

Good luck with your move. :)

(And with your hip training.)