Monday, 30 April 2018

The Numinous

It took a long time for the coach to pull into Chessington World of Adventures. Neither Einstein nor I were particularly keen on riding Rameses' Revenge, although we did end up going on SeaStorm and getting very wet in the tea-tree-infused Professor Burp's Bubbleworks, so we had a good time. Presumably. I only really remember Lightsinthesky assuring us that we had missed out by not going on Rameses', and experiencing the sensation of awe.

You see, I had been on the coach for a long time - and, what's more, it had encountered serious traffic before it even managed to get out of North London. It was mid-morning by the time we arrived, and me being me, I had made sure to get up incredibly early in order to get to school on time. I'd assumed everyone else would have, too, but I was probably the first one there. (I still didn't have much of a choice insofar as coach seating was allocated, though; nobody wanted to sit next to me and I ended up next to a boy from my class who kept shouting "FUCK OFF!" at me until a teacher forced him to relent.)

I was practically asleep when the coach pulled into the car park. The radio had been playing a gradually scratchier and mote static-infused broadcast of Heart 106.2 throughout the journey, a mix of pop I both knew and didn't having been the only company I had apart from the "fuck off" boy and the rowdy boys from my Maths class who kept making the "wanker" sign at lorry drivers. I'd been entertaining myself with increasingly intense sexual fantasies throughout the hours, and as the crackle of the radio steadied into a fairly clear Elton John song, I found myself shaken half-awake by the thunderous boom of everyone else singing along.

"And I can't explain... but it's something about the way you look tonight..." 

I lifted my head and opened my bleary eyes as my erection melted away into something more manageable.

At that very moment, the second coach pulled in. I was scanning the windows for any sign of Einstein, Lightsinthesky or any of the other miscreants I tended to spend my time with. I missed them... but my eyes alighted upon Zebra, who was sitting in pretty much the same seat as me, next to a window; she was wearing her usual grey sweater, her hair loose, and a dazzling smile. I blinked a few times, mainly to see if all the stars around her were fictional or not. I'm still not sure.

I sat there dazzled, as the music swelled and the sun burst from behind a cloud; I stared, unashamedly, at the girl I wanted. And for a second, I sat stuck dumb, feeling like I could ascend into the clouds at all these sensations of complete beauty.

I had the biggest grin on my face as I hovered out of the coach. I had touched the divine, skirted the plane of the ecliptic, and in that moment, I was untouchable. Being told to fuck off had nothing on me.

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