Friday, 13 April 2018


so what do i do with no working internet

i sit and i watch reboot for the umpteenth time, but there isn't the episode i want to watch, but it's on youtube

damn, there is no youtube

i check twitter on my blackberry. i feel my arousal growing. i open vlc media player and activate my external hard drive

i have no idea what to watch

so i open many things. i skip through emmanuelle with the force of a thousand daemons. i pass on co-ed confidential, beach heat miami and fast lane to vegas. i don't know what i want. the only thing i really want is an orgasm

something to do while the internet isn't working

before i go to work this evening

and suddenly i know what i want to watch. i know where it is. i don't have it, but i know where it is

but that's online and i can't get online

so i open vlc media player again, and i spool endlessly through my collection, never stopping, never resting, never deciding

and i begin to phase out. i take hold of my shaft and feel its size and weight resting in my palm. i slide my foreskin up and down. i feel myself pulse. there's porn on the screen, but i have forgotten what it is

and i force an orgasm out. all over my hand, my stomach... dripping down my thighs. on the towel that i'm sitting on. i force myself to have an orgasm, to the point that now, as i write this, i can't remember what it is i was thinking about at the time

and i clean up half-heartedly

i want to go back to bed, but i have work. so i put my trousers on. get my satchel. check my wallet. my blackberry. my keys

i leave a note for my girlfriend

i walk out of the door and melt into the mêlée outside

sitting on the bus and wondering how i'm feeling

through the crowds, buying a snack, sitting down at a desk and turning the computer on

i still don't know what i want

and a small voice in the back of my head says

oh god i'm so sexually frustrated

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