Thursday, 22 February 2018

Wednesday Evening, 11pm

On my way home last night, I randomly tweeted that

Don't actually do this, by the way. My nipples are incredibly sensitive and, as much as I like to stimulate them when I masturbate, try to suck one and I'll scream like a banshee. Unless I am lying on my back and close to orgasm - then you can suck them all you like, because that will probably make me come.

It's a sex blog. There's no such thing as too much information.

I didn't get home until much later due to the fact that the late-night buses around here are grouped into a general clusterfuck of "general clusterfuck", but when I did get home, it was to a limerent girlfriend who was about as horny as she was hungry. I knew this could be going somewhere; of course I did... I just made sure I put dinner on first.

"This isn't too BD/SM for you, is it?" she asked as I tied her naked form to the bedpost with... I don't even know what it is. Some scrap of material. Not quite a Robin Hood sash. It was her idea, anyway - don't blame me. I also don't know how to tie particularly effective knots (not participating in scouting, sailing or shibari). But it did the job.
"No, it's fine," I lied. "But what do I do now?"

It was a fair question. She wasn't lying on her front, so not in the right position to spank. Supine is a good position for missionary sex, but we've both agreed that I won't try to penetrate her until she's ready. And I've become very adept at bringing her to orgasm with my fingers recently (and have cut my fingernails for the purpose), but I could tell she wanted something different.

"Uh... shall I just stand here and masturbate over you or something?"

With no particular alternative, and no specific directive either, that's basically what I did. I am a terrible dominant. Nevertheless, she hadn't seen my erect penis for a while, so she seemed to be enjoying herself. I was too, although I was trying not to lose focus too much. (There's a bit in the adult video game Runaway City where your character, Hiroaki Hanyu, is having sex with his lover Fujiko. You have to direct Hiroaki with combinations, such as "fingers and... back" / "cock and... thighs", that sort of thing. I was trying not to imagine it was like that.)

The next hour is all a bit of a blur. Lube was involved at one point. At several instances I had to squat to get the head of my cock into her mouth, which was hot but caused a terrible cramp in my leg. She wriggled free of the slipknot (the real thing, not the band with the clown and the pinhead guy) accidentally and I had to re-tie her. Fingers came into play eventually (I play strings so I'm totally good with my hands), and I kept touching her even after she closed her legs and let out something between a strangled cry and a scream (but I think it was a moan of pleasure), because she didn't tell me to stop.

After which she came over a bit silly, and I sat there wondering where to wipe all the girlcum off my hands and exactly what to do about the stain on the bed. We re-arranged the covers, wrapped her in a My Little Pony blanket I bought her because it was soft, and cuddled in bed for a while. This morning neither of us got up particularly early, probably for Reasons.

I never did get my nipple sucked. But I made her come, and there's no greater joy than that.

Made me hungry, though.

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