Monday, 22 January 2018


Earlier this evening my girlfriend and I made a list (well, she dictated; I wrote, using a blue biro) of goals we would like to achieve in 2018. It's fairly short, but that makes it easier to tick things off. Some are achievable (her finishing her current job training; watching 52 or more films this year), some are achievable but difficult (me getting a more permanent job; making blog escape velocity this time), some are aspirational (take creative action! more financial stability!), and some are complete lunacy (me finishing NHS Couch to 5K no really this time).

Number four on our list is to save money for, and then take, a small break. Together.

Throughout our five-and-a-bit-year relationship, we have never really done this. We've gone to places for Eroticon and weddings, and I even booked us a hotel room for Valentine's a couple of years back (but that doesn't count; it's a hotel about 10 minutes' walk from where we lived at the time). These rare snatches of time where we stay elsewhere overnight. Sometimes we've even had two days, which is a fucking miracle.

But we have never actually had what could be termed a "holiday". We've never gone away somewhere together for any reason that isn't strictly business. We've certainly talked about it, and we've even had thoughts about where we would like to go. Even if it isn't anywhere particularly fun, the idea of spending more than a few hours alone with her, just enjoying each other's company in a room outside of our usual routine, is a glorious idea. It's wondrous. It's a fantastic idea...'s never happened.

I don't think we've ever been able to afford it. We don't really ever run out of money, but we don't have a lot of it. I most certainly don't, and in this day and age with living and working in London, the price of food (and books) and the sheer exhaustion of having been born in the '80s (and '90s in her case), any amount of money is a godsend. It doesn't last particularly long, and even the fact that I managed to buy a ticket to Eroticon this year is a result of nothing short of serendipitous fortune. I have thought, briefly, of doing something which makes us a lot of money in a short space of time so we can go somewhere, anywhere, even if only for a weekend and thus fulfil our life goal...

But let's get real. I'm not going to make any money. I'm a millennial.

It is, however, a goal. And it's more realisable, I think, now we have put it on a list. I certainly don't know when, or where, or perhaps most importantly, how... but I'm perfectly clear on why. And that, dear readers, is a start. It's a start, and if you want to finish, you may as well start.

Incidentally, does anyone want to sponsor us to go to Woodhull?


jilly said...

Hi ,
This is the first post I’ve read of yours and I am now a fan! You’ve really broken down the art of commenting into it’s necessary and essential components.

Innocent Loverboy said...

You have the same first name as my girlfriend and your display name links to a webcam site, so I'm not sure if this is a real comment...

...but thank you if it is!