Thursday, 28 December 2017

And to all, a good morning...

ILB: "Why do girls ejaculate?"
LLB: "Mmmmmmmmmm....?"
ILB: "Because, uh, when boys come, it's a biological thing, because their cum contains spermatozoa, so it facilitates reproduction, right?"
LLB: "..."
ILB: "But girls become wetter to facilitate intercourse, so why do they come? I mean, it's seriously hot - really, really hot - but why? Is there some biology behind it, or...?"
LLB: "..."
ILB: "..."
LLB: "...good morning?"

[ILB sits up in bed. He's been asleep for hours. This is the first thing he can remember saying.]

ILB: "Good morning!"


ILB: "Okay, this is me, waking up."

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