Thursday, 14 December 2017

All about that bass

I thought she wasn't going to do this. I mean, she said something in her DeadJournal which suggested she wasn't going to do it. Mind you, I don't know if she knows I read her DeadJournal. No, wait, she does know. I left a comment there once, defending her against a troll. I guess I'll just have to ask her.

So I asked her.

She told me that she wasn't intending to participate in the competition, but that the band she was in needed a bassist, and if she wasn't going to do it, they wouldn't have been able to play at all. So she acquiesced, joined the band again, and stood in the corner of the stage, bass in hand, plucking away demurely while the rest of the band thrashed around in an apoplectic style.

This wouldn't actually be the last time I saw Obsession. She turned up at a few of these events. I wasn't even there to see her band; I was there nominally supporting another band, the one that Music Man was in. A few of us had gone to see them in lieu of doing sixth form study periods, and somehow Lightsinthesky and I got in without having booked tickets. Life is very odd sometimes.

Except I had a secret reason to be there as well. The year beforehand, I had developed a very intense and incredibly instant crush on a female guitarist playing in a band I'd never heard of from a school I didn't know. In a relatively bold move, I managed to seek her out in the general mêlée that followed the acts but preceded the judges' scores and told her that I loved her guitar playing. I earned a thanks, a hug, and her name, and a yearning for the following year, during which I was very confused and still trying to get over the girl-I-used-to-have-a-crush-on. I went to this one hoping to see her. People tended to pull at these things; Music Man - who was always the most attractive of my friends - did every single time. Lightsinthesky certainly had a go.

I didn't pull anyone. I invited Obsession to sit next to me in the audience, and she did. Despite her nervousness, she managed to shout out the name of the band from our school when the judges announced the name of the "best original song" artist (although we shouted it louder...), and joined in with the frantic head-shaking when it was given to one of the worst acts I'd ever seen. Good for them, I guess.

Everyone left feeling cheerful and relaxed and, on the way out, Obsession gave me a big squeeze before melting away into the summer evening haze. I bade farewell to everyone, walked home, and proceeded to write an angry, ranty post on my LiveJournal about how music competition judges were idiots and how my friends should have won the prize and it was theirs by right anyway because they wrote an actual song not a cacophony of noise and it's a crying shame, oh and the girl I went to see wasn't there anyway, or if she was I didn't see her, and fuck the judges this is an amazing band.

Or something like that.

Someone added me on MSN that evening to talk about the competition. She said that she'd noticed me there, gotten my name and MSN ID from Obsession, and liked my LJ post (which had been reposted on the band's forum, to general applause). We started chatting informally, on and off, mostly about music.

Turns out that she'd been at the competition one year beforehand too, and she had a very intense and incredibly instant crush on me. But, of course, she never said anything, so I didn't find out until years later. Obsession didn't tell me anything either.

Life is very odd sometimes.

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