Monday, 21 August 2017

What's the story, morning glory?

Throughout the day my erections take various size (although I'd hope the shape is more or less the same). The one that swells while tiring myself out in five minutes of mild cardio at the gym is discernable, but less potent than the one which strains and throbs in my hand while I bring myself off to the droopy gloss of porn on my netbook's screen. I get them when hearing various strains of music; when I read certain things (not always erotica...); even when certain scents, like sandalwood, evoke a memory.

None of these have anything even close to what I've been experiencing just after waking.

Much as the urban legend is in place because it has a basis in fact, there's more to the waking erection than the traditional "morning wood". I don't know the science behind it - for all I know, it may be just me - but, even following short naps during the day, that pre-dawn moment before being fully awake heralds the start of an incredibly large, incredibly tangible erect penis.

It doesn't go away, either. I tend to wake up on my front, with my penis pressed up against the bed, the pressure making every pulse swim through my body. I barely move away, the sensation too great to want to move. I buck my hips, occasionally, and let out a little grunt, as if having sex with an unseen lover... in the knowledge that I will still be just as hard if I get up and move around.

It vanishes, of course, over time. It always does. But it will be back.

Over the last few weeks, these have been my biggest, strongest and most enjoyable moments of sexual excitement - even more so than the ones I bring on myself. Up until now, I have kept it a secret. My dirty little secret, exciting enough to bring a little spark in that semi-conscious world. But, for what it's worth, it makes me happy.

In today's uncertain world, those little moments of wonder are sometimes what we need to make it through. If mine involve an erect ILB, then so be it.

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