Sunday, 6 August 2017


"So what did you do to get past that firewall?"
"Eventually? I used a VPN, which took some doing, as all the VPN sites were blocked too."
"Why did you need to get past it anyway, if Google and Wikipedia were open?"
"First of all, half of Wikipedia was blocked. Google was also blocked, and I couldn't read any blogs, or update my own. It was written well in advance - I just couldn't update."

"Oh, you blog?"
"What do you blog about?"


"Can I read anything you've written? Maybe I've already read you, I read a lot of blogs."
"Oh, maybe you have. Uhm... do you read Girl on the Net?"
"What? No. I don't know who she is."
"Then you probably won't have read me."
"Oh, is she your boss?"
"What? No! She's just a friend."

"Then why do you say that?"


"Am I on your blog?"
"No, not really."
"Is anyone here on it?"
[ILB scans the room, taking in Einstein, the young raver, friends-who-are-teachers-midwives-and-nurses, Mane, Mane Jr., scene girl, and all their relevant significant others...]
"A couple of people, yeah."
"Can you read me something from it, at least?"
[ILB does so. It's relatively clean.]
*Laughter* "Are you going to write anything about tonight?"
"Of course not."


May More said...

I move around a lot because of work and the bloody sky shield is used in a lot of places I find myself. I got in through the back door once but it kept throwing me out. It is so annoying. When I spoke to the people who owned the Wi-fi they didn't even know it was on. That's when I realised sky put the shield on as a default now. No opting in. Censorship!
Anyway, I didn't realise VPN's would help. I wasn't sure if the block would just shield that too?
One time I had to go 2 weeks without working on my blog or any porn! Did you find the VPN worked? Don't want to pay out for one to find its useless.
Love your blog BTW;-)

Innocent Loverboy said...

Hey, thanks.

The VPN I eventually used was one I found completely by chance, as the block (Smoothwall) was incredibly fierce in terms of not letting anyone download or even know about ways around the wall - as an example, it wouldn't open the Wikipedia entry for the term "VPN", and I couldn't access one by any of my usual means, such as tunnelling anywhere using PuTTY.

If you're going to want to access pretty much anything online, I'd recommend using Tor - it's a bit dodgy ethically, and it's slower than your standard web browser, but in a pinch, it's a useful way to access the occasional blocked site.

What I did was write the blog posts in Notepad, open Blogger using Chrome, copy and paste the post, edit the HTML and hit publish, then open a VPN window and check my blog to see if it had posted acceptably. It was a bit of a roundabout way to do so, but to be fair, it was the best way available!

May More said...

Thank you <3