Monday, 6 March 2017

#Eroticon: Story Fragments, of Sorts

Of course I'm planning to do a write-up of Eroticon. Of course I am. Just not right now. I need to break into my blog and paste something pithy and teasing before I even think about doing a lengthy and serious post. Maybe some moderately erotic froth will do.

Which is, of course, an incredibly thin excuse to repost some of the shit I wrote during Ashley Lister's session.

A six-word story:

Tomorrow morning. My garden. Bring water.



I tried. I really did try. But, no matter how hard I tried, how much I studied, how badly I wanted this... it wouldn't work. It just wouldn't.

And then she told me that it wasn't switched on...


Critical Decision:

Brought to my knees, I sobbed into my bloodied hands.

Choking back an agonised scream, I managed - with a huge amount of effort - to whisper my eventual, fateful answer.

"New Order," I croaked. "I've never been too keen on Joy Division."

And I waited for the deathblows to rain down upon me.

Prompted by, and written at, Ashley Lister's session at Eroticon 2017. But, then again, I already said that in the introduction to this post. Full write-up coming, honest.

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