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Yasha vs. Dunyasha

22 March 2007:

It 's 11:30pm and I'm scanning a sketch I did of Yasha and Dunyasha from Anton Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard. I'd been at work (at my weekend job) and was, as usual, bored, so I did a sketch. I saved it as a JPEG and e-mail it to the girl playing Dunyasha.

23 March 2007:

I get an e-mail in reply.

Hey you - good pic! That is so funny! How are you doing? I'm waiting for it to be 5:30 so I can go home and watch Hollyoaks.

Hope you're well. Are you getting ready for the kiss that we have to do on Monday?

In fact, I'd known from the start that I had to kiss Dunyasha. I hadn't actually met the girl playing her until the week after I'd auditioned. I was very pleased to discover, after the fact, that she was hot. The fact that she was funny, clever and a really great actress was a bonus.

The first time we kissed I was nervous and gave her a quick peck on the cheek, upon which there was a pause and our director came out with something like, "yeeeees, that's a bit better... but that's hardly anything! You have to actually kiss!"
At which I turned bright red.
"It's okay," she said with a little smile. "You can kiss me, go on..."
So I did. More of a smooch than anything else, but directly on the lips.

Twice, I e-mailed back. I'm getting the Listerine ready. Why? Do you have to flagellate yourself afterwards?

A couple of rehearsals earlier and I was sitting on the bench watching my dad grin at me. I was sitting next to the girl playing Dunyasha; we were holding hands.

"That was a very nice kiss you gave me," she whispered. "I'm very pleased."
"Uh... so am I," I flustered. "You realise we have to do it again?"

25 March 2007:

I get another e-mail.

My finger is nicely healed, so I am coming to rehearsal with no bandage.

Nice to know.

And I am moistening my lips tonight, ready for the very passionate kiss we have to do.

Also nice to know.

26 March 2007:

I come up with something else at work and send it to her.

[Yasha is making tea as part of his servantly duties. Dunyasha comes in behind him.]
Dunyasha: (crying) You don't love me any more!
Yasha: What?
Dunyasha: You don't love me any more!
Yasha: (enraged) What makes you say that?
Dunyasha: (upset) You never say it any more.
Yasha: (exasperated) What are you talking about?
Dunyasha: When was the last time you said you loved me?
Yasha: About ten minutes ago, after we laughed at Pischchik for losing all his money, remember?
Dunyasha: Good point.
Dunyasha: (upset) ...Okay, when was the time before that?

I get an e-mail back on the same day.

I am wearing a short skirt today, so I feel naked, although not in the normal sense.

Hope you are having a good day; please tell everyone I will get to rehearsal by 6:45pm. You will get a kiss as thanks. 

30 March 2007:

Our director invites us to his house for an extra rehearsal. He's decided that we should do another kiss at an earlier stage during the play (actually at the very end of my first scene). Both of us seem pleased at this idea and insist upon practising it quite a lot. By the end of the session we take the bus home and are discussing options for a play in which we get to have live sex on stage.

Our kisses are getting more passionate every time we rehearse.

25 April 2007:

"Aren't you just the juiciest little plum in the box?"

I step forwards and press my lips to hers.

I'm passionately kissing my pretty, talented, flirtatious and very hot friend in front of hundreds of people. As I walk off with a smirk, I can almost hear Robinson and Hairy Friend wolf-whistling from th audience.

In the second act we kiss again. Longer. More. It's a show, damn it.

Life is good. 

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