Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Execute Order 2017!

A hashtag started trending on Twitter today - that of #firstdayback.

Which I kind of get. I'll admit that, in almost every way, I've never stopped working in academic years. While, this year, I did quite enjoy Christmas and New Year (seeing the usual performance of Will Young's Evergreen on a lounge floor is always a highlight), I've never really seen it as a bookend. Summer is - a time to vegetate. The fact that I've been doing so for a few weeks now is unforeseen.

I have a day job, but I won't go back until Thursday. I'd be back already if I still had the same timetable as I had before Christmas, but I don't. My hours have been cut down and, while this may severely affect my pay, what's bugging me the most about the whole "right now" thing is that I'm not doing much. I have a book to edit. I have a blog to write. I have a room to look after.

And that's it.

When the Christmas period started, I was looking forward to a few weeks' break. Lord knows, I'd burnt out by the end of the calendar year, that's a certainty. And, however I may feel about my job at any given point, I can't say I want to go back.

What I need right now, I believe, is anticipation. I need something to look forward to - maybe something every month. Week. Day. Something that I can hold onto. Now Rogue One has been and gone, I need a new thing.

Today I bought, with Christmas money, my ticket to Eroticon 2017. Two months seems like an awfully long time from where I'm sitting right now.

I need more.

It looks like it's going to be a slow crawl through January whether or not today is your #firstdayback, but if I don't start crawling, I'll never go anywhere.

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