Monday, 5 December 2016

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"No, wait, stop."

I stopped, the golden shimmer around my hand still glistening, hanging there in perpetuity, should there be a need to reconnect.

"Stopped! Stopped!"

She shifted her body a little, more towards the centre of the bed, spreading her legs a little wider, little splashes of silver light creating an aurora around her smooth, slick vagina. The red glow emanating from the Womanizer gave off a ghostly effect - slightly less mesmerising, perhaps, but still impressive.

"Okay, keep going..."

She pressed the toy to her clit once again, little spren of pleasure popping all over her body as she gasped and moaned with lust.

"Don't stop!"
"Oh, okay..."

And I took my cock back into my hand, coaxing my erection further towards orgasm, kneeling between her knees as she brought herself off.

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