Sunday, 23 October 2016

Trouble in Threes

Hey look, a meme! Please excuse me while I jump the fuck on it...

This is my attempt at stealing appropriating doing Jillian Boyd's Desert Island Discs-inspired list meme, allowing the chance to both promote sexy things you like and talk about yourself. Me being... well... me, I just couldn't resist, could I?

Three erotic books, pieces or anthologies

Although it isn't really erotica, I'm going to start with Loose Girl, by Kerry Cohen. It's one of the multitudes of sex memoirs out there, and although I've read and (mostly) liked those, Loose Girl is one of the best - it's warm at times, raw at others, and very relatable.

This is cheating, but I'm going to request an archive of all the sex blogs I've ever read. It's a subculture that, when explored and used to its greatest effect, is guaranteed to turn me on more than any porn.

And, just to end with some real erotica, I'm going to go for the anthology Licked, edited by Jillian Boyd and something I had the pleasure of subediting for her. It's a wonderful collection of stories with the overriding theme of oral sex, which I love, and has a story by Robin Watergrove which made me stop subediting and have a wank twice before I'd read it through in its entirety. How could I not?

Three sex toys

On account of the fact that it's the only sex toy that's ever worked for me in any particular way, I'd have to take the Durex Play Vibrations cock ring [review here], small though it is. If I take the twinkly one, then I'd have something pretty to look at in my solitude, and if I got really bored, I'd be able to take the battery out and watch it jump around!

I've never used it on myself, but I'd do the exact same thing as everyone else and take the Doxy, because it feels good in the hand and looks like a microphone, so I could sing with it, at least.

And I'd take the PULSE [review here], so I could throw it at things.

Three porn scenes or films

This one's an easy one. I'd have to start with Virgins of Sherwood Forest by Surrender Cinema, which I've talked about before. It's easily my favourite soft porn film of all time (although as for why...!) and it contains my number one scene (and seven other good ones...). It's very silly, but I suppose that is kind of the point!

As for my second, I suppose I should take something from the Emmanuelle series, which I love and hate in equal measure. It's difficult to make a choice - most of them have their merits, with some exceptRions, but I've ended up choosing Concealed Fantasy (#4 in the Emmanuelle in Space series, in case you were wondering), simply because it has more sex, and even a sliver of plot.

My third choice is Playtime starring Peter North and Ariah (who I haven't seen in any other scene anywhere). It's my favourite hardcore scene; considering the fact that I don't always like hardcore, that's quite an achievement. Both performers are very attractive and enthusiastic, and there are some genuine female orgasms in this - at least three! And we all love a good female orgasm, right...? Right...?

Special bonus wildcard

Someone else. It'd be a waste to have all these sexy things and nobody to actually have sex with, or cuddle or kiss or hug, or even just talk to. What is sex, anyway, if not for sexual discourse... and, besides, without anyone else, I'd go mad!

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