Wednesday, 26 October 2016


As my bus went past without me on it I swore to myself for a while before heading to the bus stop, clutching a copy of yesterday's Evening Standard and trying to not let the poisonous right-wing bias get to me too badly.

"Did you hear Kay had sex?" said a very loud voice to my left, causing me to jump - from both surprise and curiosity. I had no idea who the voice belonged to, nor who Kay was. But always ready to talk about sex.

My eyes met with those of a girl a few years younger than me, talking into one of those headsets attached to a 'phone - those things that I thought only existed in films. Both earbuds were firmly ensconced into her ears themselves, thin white strings dangling free. She was blushing - evidently not expecting to be overheard.

"OH! SORRY!" she shouted. "I... I said that out loud, didn't I?" she continued, both to me and her friend on the 'phone (I'm not sure which), before collapsing into a fit of giggles from which it took a few minutes to recover.

"It's always the ones you least expect," she said as she boarded her bus, flashing me an embarrassed, apologetic grin from the back seat.
"Not always," I replied to myself, and continued waiting at the stop, all thoughts of Heathrow and ULEZ having been temporarily driven from my mind.

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