Thursday, 14 July 2016


ILB: "Are you okay?"
LLB: "Tired..."
ILB: "Do you want me to wake you up?"
LLB: "Why? It's so soft..."
ILB: "You've got a meeting to go to this evening..."
LLB: "Mreh. Don't wanna."
ILB: "I know, but it'll do you good. Get you out of the house, get some air. I'll find something for myself to do while you're out."
LLB: "..."
ILB: "..."
LLB: "What are you going to do while I'm out?"
ILB: "Wanking, probably."
LLB: "..."

[4 hours later]

ILB: "Hnnnnngh..."

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