Tuesday, 3 May 2016


He. Was. Still. Hard.
- Alice Clayton, Wallbanger

There are rare occasions when I get a couple of hours to myself. I have a fairly regular working pattern, while hers is a little irregular; the result of this is that - every now and again - one of us finds themself in the room on their own. You may have noticed her confirming that she is masturbating more these days, although I've never seen it. But, then again, I'm at work a lot of the time.

Guess when I masturbate?

This morning was one of those occasions when she went to work before me. 5:15 am and she was out of the door, leaving me dozing in the bed with more space to myself. I hadn't slept well (again...), and sometimes I use the three hours until my alarm goes off to take a concentrated nap, well aware that it's likely to be the only sleep I'm getting that night.

This morning wasn't one of those times.

It took me a while to coax my body into a recumbent supine position, and even longer to co-ordinate my hand, mind and penis, but I did it eventually. Getting hard wasn't a problem - yes, I am getting old, but there aren't any problems here - but getting to orgasm was a bit of an uphill struggle. I was dreamy and unfocused, pausing every now and again to run a hand through my unkempt hair or shift my body back into position, pull my foreskin back further and get back to the task at hand. Not having really woken up, I was unsure what to think of as I did so, and when, after a while, I finally did orgasm, it was the most satisfaction I've felt in a while; I lay there on my back, gasping for breath, as my cum dripped lazily down my sides from the pool collected on my stomach.

It's always the ones that take a bit more effort...

I've no idea how I did so, but I managed to clean up and then managed to slip off to about half an hour of sleep (it's better than nothing) before my alarm woke me up and I tried not to throw my BlackBerry at the wall too strongly. I grabbed a pair of pants, pulled them up and...

I was still hard.

Rock solid. Not just hard, but really hard - perhaps even more so than I'd been before when I actually was masturbating. There I was, staring at my UNUSUALLY LARGE PENIS with something between amusement and bemusement, and even laughing a little as it proved to be too big to fit into my underpants (I ended up manipulating them around it - also not an easy task). I wasn't even that turned on... I was just really, really, ball-achingly, earth-shatteringly hard.

I did a cowboy walk to the bus stop and resolved to get some coffee once I'd arrived at work... because, I reasoned, if there's one thing I needed at that moment, it was sex.

Coffee. I mean coffee. Honest.

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HappyComeLucky said...

Looking forward to seeing you again.