Saturday, 7 May 2016

...if you'll show me yours


Eroticon (Live) is in a couple of weeks and I'm just not ready for it. I've been putting in a lot of effort at work (for no extra pay) and have been thrown unexpectedly for a loop in terms of housing and, to an extent, health. I'm a bit of a wreck right now and, as a result have had very little time for blogging, running, reading, gaming or any of the other stuff that I tend to do to fill my otherwise completely futile time.

I'm not ready for 'con. But at least I have a ticket and a hotel booked. And that's a start.

Here we have, then, as is custom, the generic "introduction" post, hosted once again by Molly Moore... so go and read her post too.


Name (and Twitter name if you have one)

Innocent Loverboy, also known as "ILB" if that's easier to remember. Of course, it'll be on my badge, so in actual fact there's very little to remember... and I probably don't need to fill this bit in anyway, because my name's at the top of the page.

@innocentlb for more of my shoutings into the void.

If you had the opportunity to rename yourself (or your blog) what would you pick?

This is a difficult one, because I didn't actually struggle to come up with "Innocent Loverboy"; it just came about easily and seemed to fit. I'd probably name myself "Hiroki Sugimura" after the character from Battle Royale, as he's a bit of an innocent loverboy himself.

What are you most looking forward to at Eroticon Live and/or is there anything you are nervous about?

Classified. Yes, there is something I'm nervous about, but I'm going to try to forget about it and enjoy the weekend (e-mail or DM me if you're curious).

As with all the previous Eroticons, the thing I'm looking forward to most is meeting up with the community again. Close as we may be, we rarely really physically get a chance to meet face-to-face, and this is the one event I can think of where most people are going to be...!

I also probably owe everyone a hug. Please forgive me if I end up crying over your shoulder.

Have you planned which sessions you will be attending or are you more of a spur-of-the-moment kind of person?

I never really tend to plan, as I go to the sessions I decide upon on the day and/or the ones run by my friends. I'll certainly go to GOTN's session, Jillian Boyd's session and the "ask-a-sex-blogger" panel too.

What essential items to your life will be bringing with you to Eroticon Live?

My wallet, my 'phone, my keys, a notebook and pen, and some clothes... why, what were you expecting?

I came away with a DOXY vibrator last time, so it's what I end up with that might be more interesting.

A new cocktail has been made in your honour. What would be the key ingredient and what would it be called?

Well, it'd have to be a non-alcoholic cocktail, as I don't drink alcohol. Those are usually called "virgin", which is about as far away from an accurate description of me as you can get. My favourite cocktail includes cola and blackcurrant cordial and is known as a Friar Tuck.

My cocktail would probably include lemon and lime (as they are my favourite flavours), vanilla (as I am vanilla, but only in a very small quantity, to prevent it being overpowering) and cherry (as I like The Cherry Orchard), and be called a Slow Fuck. Because I like those too.

Complete the sentence: I have yet to…

...decide upon a way to complete this sentence which doesn't give too much away.


Molly said...

I am sorry that real life is being a bugger at the moment. I hope that Eroticon will be a nice break in that insanity. Oh and leaving with more than you came with is always a good plan, even if it is friendships and inspiration


Marie Rebelle said...

Life can be such a bitch! Hope you can find some relaxing times at Eroticon. This conference is a great thing for the community!

Rebel xox