Wednesday, 25 May 2016

#EroticonLive: Rhyme

I'm not sure if these will work as well written out as they do when read aloud. But, then again, I'm not sure if they work well at all, so that first point isn't really particularly relevant. Great start, ILB. Well done.

Anyway, this was one of my favourite sessions at Eroticon this year. Whether or not that's because I spent half of my time channeling my inner Roger McGough and the other half trying to find some way to mentally bleach my brain so that I could unsee some of the things Ashley Lister was showing us on the screen, who can say?

Anyway, so yeah, I wrote a few (very) short poems. (I can't write long form poetry; I haven't since I was 15 and wrote all that love poetry for the girl in the swimming class with me. Ahem.) I didn't read them all out, so here they are in all their gory glory.

I thought, perchance, I'd never wake
But after shout and shoot and shake
The post-orgasmic pressing issues
Woke me up... to look for tissues.

There is some arse I'd like to tap
But first, I think, I must unwrap
(it's wise, and safe, to wear a cap).

Quatrain 1:
Lube me up and rub me down!
Caress my penis, nips and bum!
Take me to the brink of bliss! 
But for God's sake, this time, let me come!

Quatrain 2:
I don't know if you read
But, if anyone's caring,
My body has needs
And my blog is for sharing.

Prompted by, and written at, Ashley Lister's session at Eroticon Live! 2016. But, then again, I already said that in the introduction to this post. Great ending, ILB. Well done.

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