Sunday, 1 May 2016

Crack squad

I was having trouble sleeping.

Nothing new there - I often have a lot of trouble sleeping; it's my primary complaint, along with IBS, nausea, malaise, loss of hair, weight gain, and the propensity to write long lists with Oxford commas. The amount of work I've been doing recently is frankly ludicrous, and the few coming weeks show no sign of slowing up, what with moving house next week and all the related shenanigans, seeing James, watching Eurovision and going to Eroticon all providing regular distractions - plus the large project I have going on at work and my new, painful exercise régime. I barely have time to sleep, and when I try, I don't have the wherewithal.

I was naked. I always sleep naked - I have since I was about 12. I do own pyjamas, but as far as I'm aware I've only worn them a few times, like Christmas mornings and school pyjama days; I also own a second pair, which I've worn twice over a two-day period when I was sharing a room with KW in Blackpool. I was naked, as is the way. So was my girlfriend, which is unusual - she tends to sleep in T-shirts (sometimes hers, sometimes mine), despite being a lady laid bare. I prefer her naked - much softer and warmer. Easier to sleep with.

I lay there with my eyes closed, trying to pretend I was asleep and ignoring the potential situations which tend to play out in my head 24 hours a day. In her sleep, she gave a little sigh and rolled over, her hand drifting downwards and coming to rest in...

My eyes snapped open. The very edge of her hand, for whatever reason, had come to rest in my arse crack. Not really inside - this wasn't accidental anal play - but her little finger had managed to squirrel itself into the little groove at the end of my backthat leads down towards my arse itself. A feather-light touch, perhaps, as she slept... but that was more than enough.

I do like my backside being touched, sensitive as it is, and - aware that this was accidental - I tried to take advantage of it while I could. Not really wanting to move too much - I was moderately comfortable and didn't want to wake her up; a light touch will do so, light sleeper as she is - I tried to shift my body a little so that I could be as relaxed as possible while her hand rested on my bum. (Her thumb, at one point, brushed against a cheek, which nearly set me off.) The sensation - the lightest of touches - brought some ideas to light, although nothing too realisable. I could bring myself to orgasm like this. The release would be good for me. I'd sleep better. I could...

...dawn chorus?

It was morning. Both her hands were on her side of the bed. She was still asleep. I was still hard. My arse, now free of all foreign digits, was back to its relaxed state. The alarm went off after a while and I swore loudly at it.

"Did you sleep?" she said, as I tried to contemplate how difficult it might be to make it through another day.
"Not at all?"

I paused for contemplation.

"Maybe a little."

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F. Leonora Solomon said...

accidental arousal, this is perfect!