Friday, 18 March 2016


As the candles flickered and the final bit of the joss stick crumbled to ash on the bedside cabinet, I felt her shiver more forcefully and finally than she had been doing. Her hands, which had been busy at her clit and perineum for the past few minutes, lay spread out on the bed next to her - a Christ figure made of satisfied lady - while I kept my fist grasped firmly around my shaft, pulling and pushing, her skin a canvas directly in front, begging to be touched.

A thousand possibilities, and a thousand more, whirled around my head, the tumbler jumping from one thing to the next. It's been an odd week - one of waiting for something to happen without much of a clue of what it is; yet here I was, in a special moment - a jewel set into a bracelet - and jumping from hither to thither while masturbating over the naked girl right in front of me.

What was I doing?

I leaned down to plant a kiss directly on her lips, to which she responded in kind. The very tip of my cock pressed against her soaking wet, engorged lips...

...and suddenly it all made sense.

Her hands curling around to grasp my back, I penetrated her with a forward push, and slid my entire length into her in one long, slow, effortless stroke.

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