Saturday, 27 February 2016

Review: ORBIT Vibrating Bodyfit Stimulator by PerfectFit

I was actually sent this toy a while ago but, due to random occurrences including full-time work and falling over, I hadn't had a chance to test it yet...

...until now.

The ORBIT is a novelty(ish) toy designed for both solo and couple use. It is, essentially, the bastard
Pokémon designs were starting to look a bit silly.
offspring of a cock ring and a bullet vibe and, indeed, contains a PowerBullet (which is, on closer inspection, removable - so you get a free bullet vibe with this). Made from a sticky, stretchy black material, the ORBIT has a 2"-by-2" hole (which you put your penis through), a little button (which, I imagine, sits in the perineum) and a little nubbin resembling a clit - which is intended to stimulate the actual clit if you're using this thing during penetrative sex. The PowerBullet, providing the vibration, is in a little alcove underneath this.

The ORBIT (it says on the packaging) is designed for "improving your erection and stimulating your entire anatomy", fitting the entire thing over your groin and letting the bullet provide a gentle rumbling sensation while you either have sex (which is where the clit comes in) or masturbate (which is how I tested this, lying on my back). The bullet takes a standard AA battery, so there's no charging required.

Upon testing, I found that the hole is just about big enough to squeeze my fully erect penis through. It's a tight squeeze, but not too painful, although I did have to manipulate my foreskin to get the whole thing through. This is not, however, what the ORBIT is designed for; the box explicitly states that you have to put your penis and scrotum through the hole!
Directions: Turn bullet on to desired speed, stretch product over entire penis and scrotum until product is snug against your groin with bullet pointing upwards.
There was no way I was getting my balls through that hole, even with lube, especially with the full girth of my cock too (I do have an UNUSUALLY LARGE PENIS). The ORBIT is relatively stretchy, but it's not elastic, and I can foresee problems with anyone actually trying to fit both cock and balls through the hole. As a result, the nubbin for perineum stimulation sat in the middle of my scrotum, my penis was through the hole and the bullet was in place, but not exactly pointing upwards.

It doesn't fit. That's what I'm trying to say.

I found the most effective way to use this thing is to hold it in place with the left hand while wanking with the right (or having a girl sit directly on top). This is what I did, using my left thumb to press the button while using my standard grip with my right hand. This isn't particularly effectual, as half the penis isn't available (the bit that's in the toy) and so only the head is really there, and some of the shaft (I imagine that someone with a smaller penis may struggle). As a result, I'd imagine vaginal penetration would probably be difficult - while the clitoral stimulus might work, I don't imagine a half-sized penis would make for any great speed or depth.

This works fine on its own!
The bullet has three speeds, the highest of which being the only one that I felt to any large degree, although it isn't very loud. This is clearly designed to stimulate both partners, vibrating the clit stimulus bit and the hole; it certainly vibrates, but it's too far from the hole to make any particular difference from the penis and (after testing it with the head of my cock) it's not actually very powerful, due to the fact that it's buried inside the plastic.

And finally, the product is made from a mixture of silicone and TPR. It's stretchy(ish), mildly sticky and black, so picks up lint very easily. It's like wanking with a head's worth of dandruff on your cock - unless that's your kink, I'm not sure that's very sexy.

I'm finding it hard to envision a target audience for the ORBIT. It's probably impossible to actually get both cock and balls through the hole (as you're meant to do), even while flaccid and with lube, unless you are very small in that department - and, if you are, you may not be able to get any of the top half of your penis available. As a couples' toy, it may work, although I find it a little too big and clunky for any particular comfort, and I don't imagine she would either.

If you want something that fits around your shaft while buzzing to stimulate the clit, then the best thing to use would probably be a disposable cock ring, as that's cheaper and more efficient (and, crucially, doesn't take up any space). This effectively does both, but it's a bad design and promises to do something which it doesn't. Needless to say, I didn't have an orgasm with it, and I had to remove it to finish myself off - unlike other products, like the PULSE or REV 1000, it didn't stimulate my erection either.

But, as I said... free bullet vibe, so there's that...

ORBIT Vibrating Bodyfit Stimulator by PerfectFit, kindly provided by Sh!. Available for £49, directly from them.

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