Monday, 28 December 2015


She was naked as I came back into the room. We'd picked a lube to try, and we'd even gotten so far as deciding how to test it - after almost a whole month, Lube You Lots was starting. I'd even ferreted around in the general mulch that covered a corner of our room, in order to find more lube, and discovered a LELO bag I'd forgotten I had. I, myself, wasn't naked yet, but I really decided I needed to be; even if sex wasn't going to happen that evening, a little play might, even before the application of lube. That was, after all, the plan.

"So what do I do now?" I ventured, after divesting myself of the trousers without a top button, standard M&S pants, Pokémon T-shirt, socks I got for Christmas and the blue jumper I bought in Debenhams just before 47's wedding.
"Turn me on a little?" she replied, a little coquettishly (or, at least, I thought so, plus: I really like the word "coquettish" and I wanted to use it in this blog somewhere).
"Just... just..." She fished around in the air for something to suggest. "Just... come here."

The kiss was long, lasting, deep and tender, but it gradually got hungrier and hungrier as it refused to stop. Before I knew it, I'd left her mouth and kissed my way down to the nape of her neck, where I was pecking a small line of licks and nibbles, making her giggle and moan in equal measure.

There began a confused mess of tangled limbs, clumsy foreplay and half-moaned declarations of love, list and everything in between. I was, the rational part of my brain said, only meant to be turning her on a bit before we got all scientific with the JO lube; the rest of me, however, had the rational part of my brain in a half-nelson and was hollering at it to shut up and let me have sex. It had been too long... far too long... and here I was, naked, on top of a girl, and not meant to be having sex.


"I can't... I... I want you too much," I managed, pleased that I'd made my intentions clear and even more so that I'd managed a cohesive sentence in my sleep-deprived, food-soddened and sexually frustrated state.
"Mmmmmmph," she said as my penis throbbed and swelled to three times its normal size, "I need to be a bit wetter..."
"But I've been..."
"No, this is fine..."

And as she frigged her clit I slid myself into her for the first time in months, her sex warm, wet, and surrounding me. A few awkward thrusts and I could feel her body still adjusting to the feeling of me inside her. Pulling her - gently, but nevertheless, a pull - closer to me, I shifted myself too, relaxing into a much more natural position, and (sneaky ILB) something which allowed much deeper penetration. I pushed forwards and filled her up further as she squeaked and grabbed the bedsheets. Getting what tension I could with my feet, I rocked back and forth, sliding in and out of her in more of a rhythm, remarkably remembering how to do this, how to please her, as she growled, gasped and grabbed hold of my back.

"Uuuuuuuhnnnnmmmmmgh, jaaaaargh, hunh?" I asked intelligently as I pulled out of her and fell onto my side with a creak from the broken mattress.

And so that's how you initiate sex, it seems.

You just shouldn't be testing some "tingle" lube just after intercourse. It's these little nuggets of knowledge that keep you learning.

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Jillian said...

Yes, tingle lube seems to very much be a "before the really awesomely delicious sex" thing. Can't help feeling we should test it again tho...