Saturday, 17 October 2015


The surroundings were all dark - black. Almost too dark for me to see, except for the corner I was in, which was lit slightly, so I could at least tell what I was doing. It wasn't much, to begin with.

As I acclimatised to my surroundings, I became aware that I was naked. I also wasn't alone; there were other people with me, extracted from various bits of my life both past and present. An indistinct jumble of faces and voices, but those I recognised. The shapes became more solid as I concentrated... and then, just as I divined the first complete person - who happened, perhaps unsurprisingly, to be my girlfriend - I noticed that I was also erect.

Was I at some sort of sex party? I couldn't see what the other people were doing. The odd snatches of conversation didn't add any clues, and although I was paying a lot of attention to my girlfriend, she seemed a little distracted (although, as I later learned, she was otherwise entertained by her own sex dream). Idly touching her skin turned, frustratingly, into grasping at thin air as she vanished into the dark ether ahead.

Shalla walked past with a coquettish look (yes, really) and, just as she did so, I felt something touch my leg. On a glace down I could see it was a girl.

Not one I recognised - or, at least, not one I remember in any case. But she was there, and lying on the floor, her hand reaching up to do nothing more than caress the back of my leg...


I have no idea either. I just needed, really needed, that to happen at that one moment. I didn't need a touch, or a release, or anything else. I just ad a sudden sexual yearning for that hand on the back of my leg, slowly stroking up and down. And now it was happening. I needed to show my appreciation, to tell Girl X that I really liked what she was doing, and that I didn't want it to stop. So I made a noise.


At which point a rattle of cannon fire awoke me.

Bad timing, landlord. As always.

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