Sunday, 18 October 2015


"I love your orgasms."
"I love your orgasms."
"What was that one like?"
"That one."

"Which one?"
"The orgasm! The one you just had!"

Upon reflection, "the one you just had" was probably not an adequate description of said orgasm. But I felt it would be a little passé, not to mention irrelevant, to describe to her the orgasm in detail. After all, that was what I was asking her...

...but nevertheless, I wanted to know.

I'd been squatting on the floor, with a cushion to protect my knees (I'm an old man, I know), with my head between her legs, which were open and wrapped around my shoulders. A squirt of an incredibly slick, watery lube had been applied to her perineum, which one of my fingers was brushing up and down, with another finger steadily working its way inside her, flexing around in small circles to get at her g-spot. And a third finger, the little one, was probing softly at her anus - not in any particularly forceful fashion, though, just to add a little stimulus.

"Well, there was a lot going on..."

You have to take into account that, while I was occupied with all that, I'd also been spending the best part of half an hour licking her to a well-lubricated, wet, warm state, and that my tongue was now busily lapping at her clit with repetitive, rapid flicks, feeling her wetness run down my chin, into my beard, and even down my neck.

I even reached up to squeeze her breasts at one point, upon realising that I still had one hand free. Waste not, want not.

"And it all sort of came at once..."

And, if I'm being honest, I do have to register my surprise at just how much she came. With so much happening, and after such a long time without any action at all, one would expect a lot, but I wasn't prepared for just how much she writhed and moaned, how high she arched her back, and how tight her thighs were around me as her vagina flushed a deep red and my mouth filled with her girlcum. I added a few long licks to guide her through the whole thing before pulling back and allowing myself a satisfied little grin.

"That's quite intense."


I reached out and pulled her close.

"Happy three years."

There was a pause.


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