Monday, 21 September 2015

Jungle Hijinxs

As it turns out, in less than an hour I can get through the majority of Donkey Kong Country in one sitting - and probably would have completed it by now, in the same sitting, had I not been roused from my videogaming haze by the need to go to the library - and, come to that, the girl who was rousing me from said haze in order to convey the need to go to the library.

I was playing Donkey Kong Country simply because I had very little else to do. Despite occasional forays into other "offline" pursuits such as reading at Dirty Sexy Words last night (hi, all!) and the accompanied attempts at writing erotica - some of which, I've noticed, is actually quite explicit when you consider I've just been basing most of it on the principles of cybersex - there's a surprising lack of motivation to do much when the internet - your main distraction - isn't actually there to distract you. The stuff I'm meant to be doing (looking for jobs, begging the council for benefit, etc.) isn't even available with a lack of internet, and (of course) I can't really write blog posts (well, I can; I just can't post 'em), which has thrown the entire crux of my existence out of kilter.


Okay, that's a slight exaggeration. There are things in my life that don't centre around writing my blog and aren't Donkey Kong Country. But, until we get the internet back  in our room (and with such a low bank balance I've no idea how we're going to manage that), there's actually precious little I can do - and before you say the obvious thing, yes, I've read most of them already and I have a pile on the nightstand; don't rush me!

So what do you do without internet access when most of the things you like to do are dependent upon it and you can't go outside for fear of being rained upon?

Answers on a postcard...?

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