Thursday, 3 September 2015

It's A Mystery

Slap. Slap. Slap.
Squish. Slap. Slap. 
"Aah! Yes!"
Slap. Slap. Slap.
"Mmm... ah mmm... ah, ah, ah..."

"Did you hear that?"

I rotated my head so as to listen. Oh, yes. I certainly did hear that. Totally unmistakeable. I could (almost) picture it, but in my sleep-deprived state I wasn't quite feeling as cerebral as I could've been.

"That moaning?"
"Yrrrrr..." I managed, my body struggling to vocalise what my brain had registered as the sounds of sex.

I've no idea where it came from. At least in my last shared house I absolutely knew who was making the noises. Here, it could have been anyone. This is a big house, subdivided into a number of little flats. It could've been Five, in the room next door, enjoying himself to porn. Or perhaps the couple in the room opposite us, with the girl whose window is next to that of the bathroom. Or one of the people upstairs, some of whom I still haven't met (and only one of whom I know the name). 

Or a mix. People watching porn together. A single person having someone overnight. Maybe there's some promiscuity going on, and everyone here swaps partners. A quickie in the kitchen. On the landing in the middle of the night. In one of the bathrooms, perhaps - there are, after all, three - providing the window's closed? There are so many possibilities.

Delicious possibilities.

I knew, exactly, what. But I didn't know where... or who... or how...

There's a story in this somewhere. I'll let you know what it is once I've puzzled this one out.

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