Sunday, 27 September 2015


Tonight we fly
Over the chimneytops, skylights and slates
Looking into all your lives and wondering why
Happiness is so hard to find

Sometimes I just want to let go.

Of everything.

Just let go and float away. Away from all the pain and the hurt.

Of myself and other people. I want to cope - I really do. I want to be there, I want to be the caring, supportive one. The rock that one can cling to. That's me. That's what I do.

But it's not just that. There are so many other things. Little things. Domestic duties, which seem so monumental but are really just less than a speck of dust in the vast ocean of all the people and all the things in al the worlds of all the galaxies in the universe. The strain I feel in my back as I sit up for a long perios of time or the list of food I need to buy.

It all seems so inconsequential.

Some friends are having babies, some are hurting badly. I want to scream - whether in joy or sorrow, I don't know. It doesn't seem to matter any more. My throat hurts too much to scream.

I want to let go.

So why do I cling?

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