Sunday, 30 August 2015

Review: ID Glide Lube

Clearly my girlfriend read my post yesterday, because she ended the day with her legs spread wide on the bed, supine before me. I was kneeling on the floor (a pillow cunningly cushioning my knees), experimenting with ID Glide lube.

This stuff was given out at Eroticon 2015 and it's been sitting on our bedside table ever since. While usually enamoured with Liquid Silk to get maximum lubrication, this one is intriguing - an attractive blue bottle with contours and a rather wavy design (and, oddly, a fingerprint) - and, as she handed it to me, I thought one may as well give it a go.

I haven't written a review for ages so have no idea how to do so. Ech - who cares?

Good Stuff

ID Glide is a water-based lubricant, so there's less danger of corrosion or reaction with latex if you're going to use it with a condom. It looks blue in the bottle, so I was a little disappointed to find it's actually colourless when squeezed from it - however, it's a good design and the bottle is evocative of the water base of the product itself.

It is incredibly slippery... which I suppose is the point. I used a pea-sized amount initially (like you're meant to do with a child's toothpaste) and it went quite a long way when applied to the outer lips of the vagina - added to the glistening natural lubrication of the vagina itself and you're left with something slippery wet and inviting and oh dear Lord I'll be in my bunk...

...ahem, yes, well, anyway, after a couple of small dabs of ID Glide, her vagina looked very wet indeed, soft and pink and very "apparent" among the rest of the pubic area.

It also doesn't lose its potency for a long while, retaining a pleasantly slippy-slidey feel which I took advantage of by playing around with my fingers and seeing how far I could get (net result: orgasm!). There was also very little residue afterwards, unlike some of the Durex Play lubes which leave your hands feeling sticky post-use. I could still feel the lube on me, but not in any particularly unpleasant way (although my fingers were also covered in girlcum, which may have made a difference!).

Bad Stuff

I think that without doubt the worst thing about ID Glide is the scent that it leaves on your hands after use. It's an unpleasant one - not particularly revolting, but a bit chemical and not particuarly romantic or sexual (although it's an unflavoured lube so doesn't promise anything else). I noticed this without even paying much attention to the scent, so it may be a little too apparent, depending on how receptive your nose is.

As a water-based lube, it's also water-soluble, the bottle itself suggesting that (as opposed to applying more) one can re-activate the slipperiness by adding some water. I'm not sure this is the best of ideas, as playing with water can be risky for a number of reasons, and I'd prefer to use lube that stays lubey for longer! As I said above, we didn't have a problem with this when we tested it, but the fact that it's mentioned on the bottle is worrying.

Imagine being mid-shag and having to withdraw to add a little bit of water. That'd be off-putting.

After making her orgasm, I decided to try a bit on my penis to see how it felt, and although it wasn't a pleasant sensation, I found it very difficult to stay erect afterwards. I even tried to masturbate, and found it impossible - my hands kept sliding off my shaft; I couldn't get any sort of grip on my foreskin! I do suppose that's what the effect of lube is, but I was very cheesed off at not being able to stimulate myself!

Overall Stuff

This is an okay lube. You get what you pay for, I suppose, and since I didn't pay anything for this I wasn't expecting anything in particular. On the Plusle side, it's slippy, not sticky, water-based, easy to use and effective. On the Minun, it's nothing particularly special: it's just a lube. It's not even actually blue and there's nothing special about it. Go and try some if you will - there are a lot of worse lubes out there by far - but, in my opinion, Liquid Silk is still a much better option.

If you're needing lube at all, of course.

ID Glide Lubricant is made by Westridge and available from Amazon for £5.44. Many more ID products are available from Sh! and other sex toy retailers.


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