Sunday, 5 July 2015

Thoughts from under the raincloud

It is raining.

I've been in Somerset for a week. I haven't been having any sex, nor have I been watching much porn (well, some, but not much). I haven't been masturbating (as much as I usually do).

I've been busy.

Almost too busy. The temporary job I've got going on here has been keeping me on my feet pretty much constantly. I'm getting up at 7:20 every morning and ending up in bed at about 11pm, or later (or earlier, but then I start reading one of the multitude of sci-fi novels I've brought with me)... I'm not used to this sort of timetable, really; my actual permanent job has me finishing mid-afternoon and that's the sort of thing that I'm used to. It affords me more time to write my blog and complain about my repetitive life to whoever's listening.

And get sexy.

Certain parts of the day pass in a haze of tiredness and on Friday I was almost ready to drop. However, I was also aware that the weekend was forthcoming and - handily - at one moment I had a sudden rush of clarity. I was OK. I knew what to do and how to do it. I was safe and all was well.

Last night I masturbated. Saturday night and everyone was out late. I'd had a strange day of contradictions, but I'd taken a bus into the nearest city and spent some time geeking out at a random nerdy expo I'd found (seriously, I found it; I'd no idea it was happening - I also won a game of Smash Bros. U by accident, seeing as how I've never so much as touched a Wii U before) and needed some release before today (a day where I knew I'd need to do at least some work - I've done it now). There was a strange cacophony of noise coming from somewhere close by - I suspect a hen party - although not so much as to be able to see the source through the dusk outside my window (I'm on the top floor), but as I crept closer and closer to orgasm, it all became part of the background ambience.

This was my release... my reward, if you will.

I came; my orgasm was rich, deep and exhilarating. I floated for a while, feeling my heart beat and my body melt, and then brought myself 'round in order to clean up.

At that moment, I heard gleeful laughter from somewhere in the distance. Pulling on a top, I padded to the kitchen in order to make a coffee - and from the window in there, I could see some young people kicking a football around, laughing and joking, lost in their own rêverie.

I returned to my room and lay down on my firm bed, letting everything go.

And, for a while, was content.

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