Thursday, 16 July 2015

The erotic story of girl leg

I definitely am seeing this, right?

I looked away... and then looked back.

So this is actually what's happening? She's genuinely not wearing anything on her bottom half?

I mean, that's what it looked like. Obviously she was wearing something on her bottom half. She must have been, right? It's been cold this week. Everyone else was wearing trousers, or long skirts at the very least.

Maybe she's just wearing very very very sheer tights.

Her T-shirt was a bit oversized, and as I reasoned, there may very well have been something on underneath it. I just couldn't see anything... which was the issue. And, the more I looked, the more it became apparent. Her legs were bare. Incredibly.

Should I just... ask her? Or advise her to put on a skirt. Maybe she's wearing one. Maybe it's bunched up under her tee. Maybe she spilled coffee on her jeans and...

She turned around to give me a friendly wave, which I returned; it was at this point that I realised, to my relief, that she was indeed wearing something other than her oversized T-shirt and what appeared to be ballet pumps.

Is that a pair of shorts or a belt?

In retrospect, it probably doesn't matter - I don't think I've ever seen her wearing anything longer.

now if you'll excuse me i'll be in my bunk


F. Leonora Solomon said...

i would like to see more of this story!

Innocent Loverboy said...

The young lady in question is still very much in employment at the same place as myself, so it's not an impossible scenario for her legs to make a re-appearance (although last time I saw her she was wearing a slightly longer skirt).

Incidentally, I thought of you the other day as my eye caught sight of a piece of paper marked "F Leonora Solomon". As it turns out, it was actually "Eleonora Solomon". But not far off, and it did make me start!