Saturday, 11 July 2015


7.20 am.

Beep beep. Beep beep. Beep beep...

I'm already awake. Dreading it. The instant my alarm goes off, I know I'm going to instantly want to sleep. I haven't been sleeping well - I never do - but my bed is screaming in protest as I roll over and wrestle my 'phone into submission.

7.30 am.

Beep beep. Beep...

I'm still awake. Time for me to get up.

7.55 am.

I get up.

It's Saturday. Fuck. I'm not meant to be working on Saturdays. I'm not used to this practice; I haven't really done Saturday work since my first job after graduation. This is unexpected and my new (temporary) boss was as apologetic as she should be. I don't think she wants to work, either.

I drag some clothes on and cascade my way to the cafeteria, where we get free breakfast. My Portuguese colleague is complaining about the fact that it's a full English - he's not used to hot food at breakfast - and I'm not overly happy with the vegetarian selection, but we both eat it. I don't think he wants to work on a Saturday, to be fair.

8.30 am.

We arrive in the office. There's nobody there.

9.00 am.

We're meant to have started... but we haven't. More of our colleagues are here, even our boss, but there's a crucial part missing and we don't know where it is. There's a moment of indecision, and that's when my stomach decides to start screaming. I'm burning from the inside out and I barely hear my boss receiving a message telling her to tell us that we're not actually working today; we got out of our beds for nothing, and that we should now enjoy a day off.

I practically sprint back to my room and force down an antacid tablet, then dash to the toilet as fast as I can. I place my hand on my stomach and focus, trying to let the pain beat itself out. It does. I relax, for the first time since the previous evening.

9.30 am.

There's sunlight streaming into my room through the window. Both are open, giving me some much-needed ventilation. I strip; everything comes off. I am naked, exposed to the world outside my window, except the world isn't looking. I'm alone in my room. Naked.

I fall onto my bed and sleep where I fall. I don't even bother to get under the covers.

1.55 pm.

My breath hitches in my throat and my body spasms wildly. I arch my back and let out a noice between a moan and a grunt. Very masculine, considering who I am. My first orgasm for days takes me a while to recover from. To be fair, I have time. I wipe the large amount of glistening semen from my stomach, hands and chest. I stretch. My head slowly brings itself around. I sit up on the side of the bed, the sunlight bathing me in radiance as I do so.

I get lunch at three.

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