Tuesday, 5 May 2015

TMI Tuesday: Yes, I Have A Blog

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I haven't done TMI Tuesday for a while, so here's the one about this here blog.


1. How long have you been blogging?

Since 2000, but most of that was random LiveJournal-related muttering about how I didn't have a girlfriend. I've been writing Innocent Loverboy since the end of 2007, riding the tail of the first wave of sex bloggers. I'm so old.

2. Tell us about your pen name? Is it a pen name?

No, my parents actually christened me "Innocent Loverboy."


Yes, it's a pen name.

3. What is your blog about?

Ostensibly it's about sex, but there's a lot more than that, dependent on what I feel like writing about. It's still a sex blog, though, so that's the main topic here. Originally, of course, it was about "my odd views on sex", but then I started actually having sex, and it kind of... changed.

4. Do you earn any money with your blog?

No, and I deliberately don't try to, hence the lack of affiliates or sponsored posts (and yes, I have been asked!).

5. What inspired you to blog?

I kind of answered this in my about page, but a short version is "I like writing". A more realistic answer would be "I wasn't getting any sex and I wanted some." The actual real answer is "I'm a massive attention whore" followed by "why don't you love me?"

6. What keeps you blogging?

I actually don't find this one difficult. I sometimes wonder what to write about, but then I'll have some sort of new sexual experience, or dredge up something from my past, or find a perfectly normal situation and twist sex into it somehow. It's the humour and the experience that keeps me blogging, and (of course) the fantastic community.

Of course, I sometimes do random Q&A-based memes as well...

7. Do you have any advice for readers looking for love? Looking to get laid? Looking for a threesome?

Start a sex blog and then start sleeping with sex bloggers. At least, that's what happened to me...

8. Did you do your kegels today? When was the last time you did them?

Okay, confession time.

I do my kegels every day - it's very easy to do them and I commute, so I have a lot of time on the London Underground without much to do. I usually squeeze my kegels about 20 times in rapid succession for no reason other than it's something to do. Really concentrating on it (it is possible to squeeze the kegel muscles absent-mindedly) often gives me a mini-shock of sexual arousal, so I occasionally rear back a bit while doing so.

And I still wonder why people avoid me.

Bonus: Do you have any special sexual gifts or talents or tricks? Tell us about it.

I had to ask my girlfriend about this and she hasn't stopped talking for about five minutes.

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