Friday, 8 May 2015


I have a question.

If you think about it, very carefully, searching through every corner of your mind, do you want me?

You may not even know it. It may have been something someone said - one innocuous comment or a cheeky sideways look, perhaps. You don't even remember it, but part of you remembers it happening. But every now and again, you feel the slightest of moments - a fraction of a second. You draw in a sharp breath or feel a tingle. Maybe a flash in the mind, and then it's gone. Is that because of me?

And then, in your quietest of moments, maybe you feel it, just for a while. You slightly squeeze your thighs together, or jiggle a foot. You're not horny - not quite. But the potential's there. Energy just needs a slight kickstart. Perhaps it's something I've said, however long ago, whatever it was, that's there for you, just when you need it. Maybe it isn't. But what if it is?

Do you wake up at night? Does it invade your dreams? Do you lie in a state halfway between dreams and reality imagining what I could do to you? Can you imagine the weight of my body upon yours, how it feels with your legs wrapped around me? Do you want my insatiable tongue, my tender, grabbing hands, my wanton hips and my soft lips? It happens sometimes that you reach out in bed, wanting to lay your hands on my back and press, pulling me further into you, feeling me pulse and throb inside you as you whisper my name so quietly only you can hear...

And maybe that's me. I did that. I did that for you.

So do you?

Because I do.


Sati said...

*laughs* That's a rhetorical question, right?

Truth is, I believe that curiosity is very common and normal, particularly amongst adults who are comfortable in their skin and open about their sexuality. Most of my relationships have been monogamous, and I'm more comfortable with monogamy than with any other relationship structure - but I've probably entertained at least passing fantasies (and sometimes more long-term ones) about 90% of the male friends I have, and perhaps half of the females. And while it's usually tempting - but often inaccurate - to consider your own experiences to be the norm, the vast majority of my friends would say the same...though their percentages might not be as high as mine. I have a particularly curious mind.

In any case, I think that the "Hmm, I wonder..." moments are fairly common - and when you're a guy with a way with words and an erotically charged mind, I imagine that the women (and men) who have those moments around you will be myriad.

Innocent Loverboy said...

Heh, yes, it's a rhetorical question, in some ways at least...

I also have a curious mind, and an incredibly overactive imagination, leading to some intrusive (although hardly obsessive) fantasies in some of my less lucid moments - a lot of the memories you'll find me writing about on this blog involve (or are the result of) that part of my mind, and there are plenty of missed opportunities too, which allow the "what if?" factor to come into play.

The question I was asking here was not exactly if people wonder if I'm thinking about them, but if there's anyone out there who thinks about me, maybe even a little.

I've made people squirm before with a few carefully-chosen words, and that's the effect I'm wondering about!