Friday, 10 April 2015

/ctcp finger

I slipped out of the shower yesterday evening and rustled my way into my bedroom to find my girlfriend sitting on the bed, entirely naked and watching porn.

This may not sound unusual, considering the fact that she has the phrase "laid bare" in her usual nom de plume and it is very easy to access Thumbzilla (or RedTube or YouPorn or xHamster - not that it matters; they're all now part of Pornhub anyway) from a netbook... but, I assure you, it is. Acquainted as I am with the countours of her body, I rarely get to see all of it in its usual splendour; while I am certain that we both watch porn, our tastes vary so diversely that we have a tendency to watch it apart; we both review the stuff too, hooray sex blogger lyfe!! 

In any case, and I can't tell you how it happened but I'm sure it involved lots of porn, I ended up with most of my right hand inside her, accompanied by spasmodic movements and sounds resembling a religious admonition in a language that hasn't been invented yet... both with her lying on her front and on her back (once she'd managed to turn off her netbook with me rubbing her clit, which may not be as easy as it seems) - eventually, speedily, and predictably climactically, to orgasm.

Quickly. Almost too quickly. It had seemed to take a while (realistically, it had), but it was a speedy orgasm: a short, sharp burst of pleasure, like a shot in the dark, before it was gone.

I had exhausted her.

I had worn her out with my hand and it wasn't going anywhere else.

Mind you... sometimes, that's really all you need.

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