Sunday, 15 March 2015


It was with a heavy heart and a tinge of resigning myself to the task at hand that I made my way to the shops at the end of the road for the third time yesterday. I don't mind going to the shops - in all honesty, it's a five-minute walk - but I had just started playing Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru and was looking forward to more hours of wrestling with the odd combat system and wondering where the hell frogs came into the picture. Nevertheless, I bundled up in my coat with my 'phone and wallet and iPod and set out to get pasta.

On the way back I saw a man taking all his clothes off.

Okay, so maybe that's not as weird as I originally thought. People take clothes off all the time. I do it every day just before bed (or just before sex). I'm sure everyone reading this does that too. And maybe I'm reading too much into this because this man was slightly large and he was doing so in an incredibly brightly-lit room without the curtains closed. Perhaps that was an oversight; I, too, have done that - perhaps more times than I'd care to remember. My room in the shared house at university didn't even have curtains on its window.

The thing is, I know this man.

Or rather I know his daughter. She was at school with me in the year above. I remember her name and the couple of times I spoke to her - mostly, when she asked me not to report her for smoking in the corner of an alleyway after school (people did worse things in the alleyway; I had to walk through it on the way home) - but, because of her (and the fact that this house is opposite my grandparents'), I know who he is. He's a builder. He's quite successful. He's got a few vans and at least one daughter and a nice house which I pass on the way to and from the shops.

I know this wealthy, successful builder with at least one daughter and a nice house and here I was watching him taking all his clothes off and sitting down at a desk. For what purpose I do not know, and do not wish to know. I felt slightly sullied by this whole experience - like I had experienced more than I should just like the last time I looked through a window. How dare he take his clothes off in full view of... well... me?

I continued on my way home slightly disconcerted by this before it dawned on me that I hadn't taken one thing into account.

Why shouldn't he?

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