Thursday, 26 March 2015

Competition update: A WINNAR IS U

Six entries in seven days - not bad for a small competition. And I do realise it was a rather challenging brief, despite its simplicity - it took me three tries to write my example...

All the entries were fun to read, and all different; it took myself and Jillian Boyd a while to choose two main winning entries, and they are...

Tighter Than That!: Submitted on the day the competition started, this one manages to tell a whole story in short, snappy sentences. You win a pack of books.

Left to Fate: This was my favourite. A story told entirely in conversation. I love the humour. You also win a pack of books.

I also decided to give a third prize, and this goes to:

Sex and Awkward Silences, for a story which tells more than it seems! You win a copy of a book by me.

And that's all for this year. Normal service will resume tomorrow, and please do check back in March 2016, assuming I haven't died by then, for another book giveaway!

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