Tuesday, 27 January 2015

TMI Tuesday: Retrospecticus

For want of something to do to wake me up, I've decided to have a crack at TMI Tuesday - not something I've done for a while. Allegedly, these questions are about the past; I was slightly worried about this, since my past is pretty horrendous at some points - however, the questions didn't bring anything too bad up.

And some of them I don't even understand, so there's that, too.

1. What is the nickname a lover had for you that made you cringe?

The drinking girl occasionally called me "my Mister", which I didn't like very much, although I wouldn't say "cringe" is the adequate term.
In Batman: The Widening Gyre, Bruce's girlfriend (later fiancée), Silver St. Cloud, calls him "Deedee", which apparently stands for "Double Digits" - work it out - which might make me cringe, although Bruce seems to take it in good humour. If he had a sense of humour he would, anyway.

2. Where do you most often toss or keep your excess change (coins)?

I keep them - pennies, tuppence pieces and five-pence-pieces go into a little plastic tray I have on my desk (which once contained baklava, which I disposed of into my mouth). I've also got a supply of those little bags, which I shovel the coins into, until one of them reaches £1, at which point I put it into a paper bag inside another paper bag.
I've no idea how much I've got through this method. It's probably not as much as it seems.

3. If someone wrote a book about your past lovers and past sex life, which category fits best?:
a. Abnormal psychology book
b. Steamy romance novel
c. Sad, sad story

I'd like to add a category D - attempted satire mixed with flighty unreal situations. (Of course, I'd be the one writing it.)

4. Some say sex is like driving. Pretend you are a car. Are you: rear, front or all-wheel drive?

Seriously, though, what the fuck is this question trying to achieve?
I don't have a car, don't know how to drive and have very little knowledge of the controls or terms, so I have no idea how to answer this question.
I'm more like a Segway, anyway: difficult to control, rarely seen in action, and very few people have had me.

5. What is it that you do daily that you would like to stop doing?

Stressing - either about money or health, neither of which I have in abundance. I'd also like to collapse onto my bed less; I appear to be doing that more than I should, since I'm getting more tired these days.

6. What is the biggest lie you ever told to get someone into bed or the biggest lie you ever told in bed?

I think I once told the aforementioned drinking girl that the number of times I've had sex in the course of one night was three. In reality, it was much higher. I can't quite remember the number exactly, but I'm pretty certain that it may well have earned me the nickname "Deedee".


cammies on the floor said...

Love the segway. Damn them for trying to put you in a nitch, you'll make your own analogy.
Seriously, though, I didn't get the car analogy either.

Innocent Loverboy said...

Ironically, I've never even touched a Segway, but I understand the principle enough to shoehorn an analogy in there...