Monday, 12 January 2015

Only a ninja can sneak up on another ninja

Today is, as @spacecheetos will tell you, "International Kiss a Ginger Day".


One of the things that Lightsinthesky and I agreed about (and probably still do, although I haven't spoken to him for a few years now, so who knows?) was the concept that redheaded girls are attractive. I've firmly held this belief for a long time, so much so as to tell my former landlady this when she asked me what my type was, despite actually being in a relationship with someone who isn't of that hair colour.

In fact, I don't think I've ever so much as touched a redhead, aside from the occasional hug. Go, me.

When I think of red hair, I often think of preconceived ideas, and they're not all good ones, either, although there also appears to be a split between several genders there. One of my friends wrote a blog post entitled "Hairism", in which he responded to being called "a big ginger twat", with "ginger" used as a pejorative term. Another friend referred sneakily to having "a visual feature that is hard to ignore" - he was referring to being a redhead, although I thought it was the fact that he was Jewish, for some reason! - and the question was once posed to a redheaded vegan as to what you get if you cross a ginger with a vegan.

Gingervegan cosine theta, apparently.

And yet when you mention redheaded girls, one can't move for people rhapsodising about how hot they are. It's often also a trait equated with having a fiery temper, although there's no evidence of that besides the hair colour looking a little bit like fire (although literature doesn't help, giving this quality to ginger characters with alarming regularity) - "ooh, she's a redhead, must be a spirited woman," as Lightsinthesky once said.

I am guilty myself, of course; a lot of my characters - often the positive ones - are redheads. My favourite, Louise, often pushes the fact that she has red hair, besides other qualities she has...

...and, the big thing is, it shouldn't matter.

It shouldn't. We all know it shouldn't. It's just one more physical quality and we all know deep down that it shouldn't change anything one iota. It's like being tall or having blue eyes or there being a mole on the small of your back or... whatever. Being a "ginger", however you want to pigeonhole it, merely defines you as having red hair, and that's it. But there's something about the hair itself that I find attractive.

I find glasses and a well-shaped nose attractive too, in case you were wondering. And eyelids. I've got a strange thing about eyelids.

I suppose that what I'm trying to get at here, in a rather meandering way with far too many tangents, is that I find redheaded girls to be very attractive by virtue of their hair colour, although I probably should be considering other things but often don't; redheaded boys tend to get more stick about it for reasons unknown; there are many ideas about "ginger people" that probably aren't true; and I have weird sexual tastes including girls who have nice eyelids.

I'm weird.

In any case, since I have a girlfriend and she is only a redhead insofar as a small amount of her hair is dyed red, I don't think I'll be kissing any gingers today...


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swallow said...

as a sexy redhead myself, i heartily approve of this day. not that i got any kisses, which is a shame.