Sunday, 11 January 2015


I am a love-a-holic.

I read voraciously through all seven Harry Potters on the days they came out (well, the last four - my mother read us the first three) keeping mental tabs on the developing relationship between Ron and Hermione... although I wasn't really too bothered who Harry ended up with.

Among the things I was disappointed about as regards The Amber Spyglass was the heartrending "going separate ways" bit with Will and Lyra. I saw that one coming from the second Will was introduced.

I've made charts. Yes, charts. Charts about the various pairings in Glee, since that changes pretty much every episode and it's hard enough to keep up with.

I was dismayed at the final fate of Syrah in the Septimus Heap books, since there's clearly something there between her and Septimus, and with her in a coma, there's basically nothing resolved there, and the series has finished now, so how do I get any sort of closure on that?

And I've always been very keen on Katniss and Peeta.

So I'm reading Allegiant at the moment, and there's a lot of stuff going on between Tris and Four, and I'm finding myself sort of blanking out over those bits, because - as much as this stuff matters to me in every other sort of YA thing I've read - all my brain is doing is shouting at me, "Dude! This is irrelevant! What the fuck happens to CALEB?!"

This sort of thing is why I'm not on Tumblr.

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