Friday, 19 December 2014

Voyant un peu trop, non?

There's a bit in The Beach where Étienne and Françoise start having sex in one of the network of caves that leads from the beach to the open sea, and Richard is warned not to go there, as he'll disturb them. Maybe it's the late nights I've been having by virtue of my cat divebombing the bed every five seconds, but I ended up drifting to sleep last night with this particular passage in my head.

My dreamscape was a sort of ski resort with chalets up mountains, which makes no sense as I've never been skiing and it's been a fair few months since I read Belle de Neige's book, but in any case, I was out of place. There was a strong sense that everyone there was connected in some way to my sister, rather than me (or including me, clearly, since I was there as well), but in any case, it didn't seem like a sex dream. Evidently I wasn't going to be having sex with anyone.

This is until I was told to go and get Lucie and Mark (I believe this pairing may be based on a real-life couple, but as I've never met the "Mark" in question, I can't really verify that), an Étienne-and-Françoise-like couple (aside from the being French bit), from their own chalet and bring them back to... wherever it was my sister was. I don't think that bit's important. Upon nearing their chalet, I caught the briefest of glimpses of an unclothed Lucie on an outside balcony before she went inside, heard a moan that sounded a bit like pain, and then... nothing.

I crept closer to the chalet over the snow and then, in full view, through one of the windows, as suddenly as a TV being turned on, I saw them having full sex, with plenty of movement and sounds, so fast you'd think it was a VHS on fast-forward. Suddenly worried that I had, in fact, disturbed them - or that one of them would see me watching - I tried to creep silently away, suddenly very aware of the sound my shoes were making. I ended up running away and woke up with morning wood.

This is a weird one, as my sex dreams usually make no sense whatsoever. This one actually appeared to have a coherent plot, albeit for a very short time, and it had what is, to all intents and purposes, a couple being a mixture of real people and lifted from literature having sex (and, I assume, my sister too, although I didn't see her doing so - eww! - that was heavily implied), rather than me. Which, I do suppose, is very refreshing.

And it proves the important bits of me are working. So that's nice too.

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