Wednesday, 24 December 2014

9:30 a.m.

I found myself lying on my back, duvet heavily on top of me, with a soft light from the lamp casting shadows on my ceiling. Presumably it was light outside, but the curtains were shut, so I couldn't tell. That was this morning. I was alone. I was naked. I was ready.

I kept changing positions under the sheets, unable to grasp any sort of comfort, like something just beyond my reach. I should get up, I told myself. I should get a coffee. The day's started; it's Christmas Eve. I should get up and do stuff. But I couldn't. The urge to stay in bed was too great. My body was screaming at me to touch myself - take yourself in hand, it said, and deal with your stress. You need to.

I squeezed my thighs together but couldn't stop my head from spiralling through pictures and sounds like a broken record skipping seconds every now and again. Throb, throb, throb, went my penis, growing harder and firmer than I can remember it being in a long while. If only my girlfriend were in the bed with me... but, as I say, I was alone.

Grasping hold of the shaft of my penis, I started working my foreskin back and forth.

So good.

I kept going. And I kept going and I kept going and I kept going. And as I carried on, lost to the world by now, I grew more and more fidgety, thrashing around in my bed, desperate for just one sweet release; that's all I needed and then I'd go and get coffee and wrap presents and I'd be a good boy just one release one orgasm that's all I need please!


I sat bolt upright, ears pricking up at the sound. Who was it, coming to get me, coming to walk in on me masturbating when I should have gotten up for the aforementioned coffee by now?

Nothing. It was one of my parents. Or my sister. Or my cat. It wasn't anyone going to walk in.

I was still throbbing. Calming down from high alert, I lay back down. I may have even cleared my throat at this point. Flexing my fingers, I wrapped my hand back around my pulsating penis. This time, I told myself, I wasn't just ready... I was close enough. In the zone. In the right frame of mind. Perfectly in harmony with everything. I even pushed my sheets back, exposing my body to the open air.

I could feel it. This time, everything I desired was just within my reach. One final push and I'd be right there.

Grasping hold of the shaft of my penis, I started working my foreskin back and forth.

So good.

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