Sunday, 14 December 2014

10 PRINT "I am cool!"

If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed a series of tweets this morning in which I tried, rather unsuccessfully, to link to something for people to download - in the end, I had to use Dropbox, which seemed to work (I do have a download page somewhere, but I keep bringing up a Guru Meditation when trying to access that, so I'll leave that for now).

What is the program? Well, it's the result of something that @seasideslut tweeted off the cuff this morning:

My interest was slightly piqued when she asked for suggestions of a sexual act to perform (listen to the file yourself if you are curious why!). She also suggested, later on, that she needed some sort of roulette to choose... so I programmed one for her.

I need to point out that I'm not much of a programmer. I tried to teach myself when I was younger (much younger) and, although I turned out a few games that I distributed to my friends, I never really got past BASIC and mostly had to use text as I didn't end up using anything to render graphics with. However, programming a sex roulette seemed fairly straightforward - I just needed to use a random number generator and assign values to each number.

It took me ages and several false starts. In the end, I did manage to compile a very simple program which will choose from a list of ten different sex acts for you - and you can download it here!

It's still very basic, but I did enjoy the challenge, and what's more, this is an ongoing project now, so I can certainly add more to it. One thing that I'm hoping to add more of is a wider range of sexual acts - so something like a range of acts involving BD/SM, a number of different sex positions, things like that (suggestions in comments?) - which I can eventually implement into a version 2, if I can do that in BASIC (and I think I can, it just involves multiple subroutines).

Anyway, I had fun making this, even if it was just a way to fill up a Sunday lunchtime, so I hope you enjoy my small amount of ridiculousness too.

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