Tuesday, 25 November 2014

TMI Tuesday: The Thing(s)

I'm not well. I basically fell asleep at work this morning, and upon bringing myself round, I found it very difficult to stand up. Or speak. Or lift heavy objects, which (ironically) is what I spent the following hour doing.

I also can't write. I've got a bit of block going on, so I'm diving back into the murky waters of this blog to try and dispel some of the fog. The theme this week is "taking things seriously"... and I've only just realised the pun.

I must be ill.


1. Think about your environments – home, office, vehicle, what sort of inanimate objects hold special meaning and significance for you. List/name the objects, tell us why they hold a special place. Share some photos if you dare.

I have a good few objects which I treasure, because I'm a bit of a hoarder and abhor throwing anything away. Perhaps predictably, my comics collection, entire bookshelf and large amount of CDs are special due to entertainment purposes. As is my soft porn collection, for perhaps more obvious reasons.

I also have a few fluffy cuddly toys which are special to me, such as one that I made myself (and have remade a few times), and my little cuddly rabbit, which I bought when I was 19. I've had him for ten years now.

And there's some gaming stuff too, including an almost-complete set of Robin Hood figurines, which are now collector's items by virtue of the fact that you can't get them anywhere any more. I bought them yonks ago and they were really cheap!

2. Are any of your treasured items worth a lot of money?

Yes - my retro consoles. I've got a functional NES and a working SNES (as well as an incomplete N64 and a GameCube), and a complete working retro console apparently fetches a lot on the market these days. However, I'm not the only one with such items - my granddad has a Spectrum that still works, to a point, and 47 has a working Atari VCS, which we've played against each other!

3. Would you ever part with that item? If yes, under what circumstances?

No. Nor would I part with my Luigi-design GBA-SP, DS, 2DS, Wii or Pokémon Mini. I like the ability to play any sort of Nintendo game as nature intended. (With the exception of Wii U - yet - and Virtual Boy. Although I can emulate the Virtual Boy.)

Actually, I'd swap my NES for a Virtual Boy - since I only actually have one NES game...

4. What is the oddest or strangest item that you covet and proudly display?

A colour photocopy of my passport with my dad's driving license on top of it. This came about by accident - I was taking a scan of my passport without realising my dad's driving license was in the printer too. I also hit the photocopy button instead of "scan", and so I got an odd piede of impromptu photographic art, which I - in one of my more pretentious moments - decided was representative of the gap between generations. or it just looked cool.

Anyway, I stuck it up on my wall, next to my signed James poster.

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