Thursday, 23 October 2014

Multiskilled Workers

Part of my job, strange as this sounds, is replying to job applications, apologising to people that we can't employ them. I know - nobody actually replies to these, right? Well, I do, because I'm nice like that - and, having been unemployed myself, I know how crushing it is not to get so much as a polite no.

So polite nos are a part of my job. I suppose somebody has to do it.

One of the results of doing this is that I have to read through the e-mails these people send to me. Some are erudite, some nonsensical, and some formulaic. The one I got the other day will stick in my mind as, among other achievements he listed (all of which make him more qualified than I am - but don't tell anyone), he did mention that he's written an academic-sounding book. Idly intrigued, I sent an e-mail back, asking him if he'd care to share the title of his book.

He obliged. Having a spare few minutes and with nothing else pressing to do, I flicked through Amazon searching for the title of his book - which it found. In turn, it linked to his author page.

Very intriguing to find that he'd written not only this book, but another one on the same subject, an essay on the link between Ovid's Metamorphoses and modern literature...

...and a large amount of explicit LGBT erotic fiction.

It's good to have a hobby.

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