Sunday, 26 October 2014

Alain Siritzky

It came to my attention a few days ago that Alain Siritzky, head of ASP and the man behind the entire Emmanuelle series and about a billion other things, died on Saturday 11 October "after a short illness". He was 72.

A legend of softcore cinema is gone.
- Rolfe Kanfesky

Legendary he may be, but what a lot of people don't know is that he wasn't actually behind the original Emmanuelle (he just distributed it and took the helm for Emmanuelle II), but throughout all the years after that he either produced, directed, or was executive producer for all the Emmanuelles, plus a whole phalanx of other films including the Click series, The Sex Files and Passion and Romance (which I remember being played on UK Living billed as "woman's entertainment". I watched it anyway).

A quick glance through his filmography coupled with a Zsasz-like tally (on paper, thankfully) shows that I have, throughout the years, watched no less than thirty-four films in some way credited to Alain Siritzky - possibly more, although I can't claim to remember all of them. However, many of the films I made a mark for are familiar in a slightly more intimate sense - insofar as I actually own them, in MPEG form or on a DVD or VCD (or all three; I'm a hoarder) - in fact, I once had two of them on VHS before I gave them away.

In fact, in many ways, this man is responsible for the majority of the orgasms I've had in my life. Yes, I actually did just type that sentence.

Where things go from here, in regard to the franchises his company owns, I have no idea - but, looking back, Alain Siritzky did so much for soft porn throughout his film career, leaving a back catalogue for one to cock a quizzical eyebrow at, at least. I never knew him, never met him, and (until I watched a documentary with him in it last week) never knew what he looked like - but I shall certainly always owe a lot to him. Many shall miss him dearly.

Alain Siritzky
1942 - 2014

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