Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Look and Read

What's the best kind of masturbation?

From my own point of view, I like it long and drawn-out. Years of bashing myself about have given me a certain amount of stamina (at least, that's what I call it) which allows for a lot of time taken during sexual indulgence. This also involves sex, of course, but it's more apparent during masturbation.

So I like to take my time, building myself up and letting myself fall back down again, then rebuilding. While all this is going places, my mind opens up, a cataclysm of glorious visions and imaginings constantly forming and reforming according to where my body, my mind, by throbbing piercing cock, want me to go. Not so much a merry wanderer of the night as an explosion of sound, colour and - more often than not - words. Even a single word can get me going if it's used in the right way.

Sunday night was an example. I'd just finished getting my girlfriend off with my hands. She lay there recovering, curled in a little ball of cute, when I felt myself twitch with long-unsatiated need. Wrapping my thumb and forefinger around my shaft, I felt the gentle throb, its size and weight in my hand, and as I began to masturbate, I fell into fantasy once more.

My girlfriend revived, went to get a drink and sat there reading a magazine for a while - naked - while I lay supine, not really concentrating on the task at hand as much as losing myself in the moment. Certainly a rather protracted moment, I realised afterwards, but I still hadn't brought myself over the edge, and I was almost giddy with the speed at which my mind flicked through words and pictures, the increasing beat of my heart willing to burst out of my chest, and the thunder in my ears as I was brought closer and closer.

As orgasms go, it was quick. But then the destination is just one part of the journey. I'd taken my time, as only I know how, and that made it all the more pleasurable when I felt my warm, sticky mess shoot all over my stomach and chest.

And as I lay there breathing shallowly and steadily slipping away, I reflected on how I'd gotten there.

That's the best kind of masturbation.

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