Monday, 4 August 2014

View From The Other Side IV: Robinson vs. Lovely

As they took their first steps away from the gazebo we had spent hours decorating with little paper birds on strings (it's more impressive than it sounds - and believe me, it did take hours), I was wondering how I should feel. This is, after all, something everyone had been waiting for since about seven years ago.

Or thereabouts. I've lost count.

I've known Robinson for the longest time, considering people whose weddings I've been to recently - and there have been a few. My little cousin hadn't even been born when I first met him by the sandtray in nursery, I didn't meet my friend-who-is-a-nurse until three years later, and I met this guy through Robinson himself, effectively; this was - as a result - The Big One.

Until 47 gets married next year. But that's in the future, so it doesn't count.

My first immediate thought was that I should be jealous, or sad, or angry, or lonely. Here he was, my oldest friend, walking away from me - physically, as well. But I didn't feel any of that stuff, because (as I promptly reminded myself), he was with Lovely, who is - as her name suggests - very lovely, and to be fair, the only person I'd ever trust with taking good care of Robinson. She has been doing so for long enough, through a tumultuous seven-ish years of one break-up, two "other" weddings, various failed jobs, 1,500 paper birds on strings, innumerable Disney references and interminable films with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in.

I'm sure she can handle it.

"You are so beautiful," I whispered in her ear during the final song, which was becoming more of a weep-fest as it went along. "Take good care of him."
"I will," she assured me, while Jilly clutched my side in a kind of miserable ecstasy and Mane did some sort of highland fling on the other side of the room.

My message to Robinson, however, was slightly more forthright. I was given a lapel microphone and had a camera pointed at me. I cleared my throat impressively.

"Robinson," I said directly to the camera, "I've known you since we were about two or three. You are the best friend a guy could ever have. And now you've got Lovely..."

I paused.

" don't mess it up."

Sound advice for a happy marriage.

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